Empowering Insight

We use machine learning technology and social data to improve daily experiences. Our solutions are forming the next generation of personal and business interaction with technology.

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Knowledge that takes you further

Aicial ingests huge amounts of data to deliver insights.

What is the best path to take? Most decisions in society are made without taking every variable into account. Aicial uses the power of deep learning algorithms to make more educated decisions, leading to better outcomes.

Technology that digs deeper

Our machine learning engine ingests and processes large swathes of data, providing growth and learning opportunities across unlimited areas of society.



Enhance your project with new and historical data that carries provenance ensuring consistent data quality.



Grow existing systems, or create entirely new ones through our data analysis and execution software.



Discover richer, quantifiable data in deep understanding subsets like psychographics and behaviouristics.



Make better business and research decisions without heavy investment in data acquisition and processing.

Discover what Aicial can do for you

Aicial's data can be applied accross industry, empowering decisions to get you further. Let us help you find the answers you need to succeed.

Applications across industries

Aicial’s machine learning engine processes data for many areas of application. We focus on industries where the largest opportunities lie for innovation and improvement of current systems.

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